suki-of-kyoshi asked: Hey I just wanted to let you know I made my Suki blog

Welcome, Suki.


juneandnylaforeverbitches asked: I am getting paid for this, right?

…Of course. »

Welcome, June.


theharustache-deactivated201209 asked: Here and manlier than ever~

We bow to your manliness, Haru.


itswhathastobedone asked: Back and ready to go.

Welcome back from the dead, Jet.

Due to technical difficulties Ty Lee’s blog has been re-hosted at – make sure you’re following her new account and directing all asks there. ^_^


thelastgleebender asked: Hi! I'm looking through the A:TLA RPs on Tumblr and this one seems pretty neat. ^_^ I'm not planning to apply yet or anything, but it looks like you still need an Aang; is that still the case? Is there any application to fill out? Thanks! :)

Things haven’t kickstarted yet due to finals and whatnot, but yes, we’re still in need of an Aang. :D

There’s no application to fill out to claim or reserve a character; just send the masterlist a message saying you’re applying and when that’s approved, you can go ahead and make the character blog!


thetruefirelady asked: I am here to do what I can. And keep Ozai on his leash

Welcome, Ursa.


kindledknives-deactivated201308 asked: I'm so bored. Just kill me now.

Welcome, Mai.


phoenixozai asked: Ozai is back

Welcome, Ozai.


dontcallmezuzu asked: Nothing, ahem, Here.

Welcome, Fire Lord. ^_^